Hi. I’d like to indefinitely close my Origin account. I’m very disappointed and dissatisfied by your products and especially by your business practices. After being voted as “Worst Company in America” no less than two years in a row, the response by your COO clearly shows that you still don’t get the message. Your company is destroying gaming and I don’t want to be a part of it in any possible way. In the response towards the vote, your COO stated that the alleged 45 million Origin users somehow “proved” that it was a good platform, so I don’t want to be counted in to help validate this bullsh*t. Not to mention the only games I have on Origin are Mass Effect 3 (which was a horrible, bitter disappointment) and Alice Madness Returns (you somehow managed to trick me into buying this garbage when I was actually looking for American McGee’s Alice) and I don’t want to play them anymore (not to mention the only reason I downloaded Origin in the first place was because these games weren’t on Steam, let’s be honest). I have nothing against you and I know you’re doing your job, but your company doesn’t deserve my respect. I’ve been a gamer since I wasn’t even 10 years old and I’ve witnessed your company bring gaming down more and more and I don’t want to be a part of it. Sorry.



This blog is gonna be about game writing. As an aspiring game writer, I will be posting mainly creative writing (such as dialogs, short stories, character biographies and more), but also some technical writing (like game reviews).